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Car Charger with Retractable Lighting Cable USB

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Car Charger with Retractable Lighting Cable USB; 1.Tangle-free Retractable Lighting Cable Car Charger for Apple iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 5 5c 5s iPad Air 2 iPod Touch 5; 2. A one-touch retractable button; 3. One USB port for other device; 4. Provides 1.2Ah of power, features smart IC chip technology to prevent overcharging; 5. Smart circuit design with overheat/overcurrent/overcharging protection;

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  • Car Charger with Retractable Lighting Cable USB

    This was a great purchase. The car charger is lightweight, compact and tangle-free. The blue light confirms that the charger is indeed connected and charging and the charger cord is retractable with the touch of a button.

    This is a really handy charger to have around! Even though it says usb in the name of the product, I am an airhead and did not realize it was an iphone charger WITH a usb charger on it! I was definitely pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It's worked really well with my iphone 5 so far, and my husband is able to use the usb port to charge his phone as well. The iphone cord pulls out from the base and is retracted simply by pushing the small silver button on the side.

    This is a great retractable cord for your apple products. This cord doesn't get tangled because it retracts which is a super nice feature. This charger has a convenient extra USB slot so you can plug in another cord and charge a different type of device if you'd like. It did not overheat my iphone nor cause any error messages about improper charger. The cable retracts into the device by pushing a small button on the side. It works like a charm! Overall, nifty little gadget.

    Works great! I love how neat it is! I hate wires being everywhere and getting tugged on and snapped! I think it will last a long time. Lights up blue as soon as you turn your car on. Serves its purpose.

    Very nice retractable charger. It also has a port on it if you want to plug another USB item into it. It looks very nice along with the very quick retractable cord. If you hate having wires all over your car, this is the charger for you. The cord is not short and is very nice. Would recommend!

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